Our Team

Operations Team

Stephanie Moreno, Charge Nurse - Los Angeles team, Angela Vassallo
Stephanie Moreno
Program Director

Rock Star LPN/Nurse Tech

Eddie Paez, Operations Manager for Angela Vassallo
Eddie Paez

Nursing Teams


Nkeiruka Adebiyi, COVID Tester in LA for Angel Vassallo
Nkeiruka "Nikki" Adebiyi
Lead COVID Tester - LA
Pricilla Sousa, COVID tester for Angela Vassallo
Priscilla Sousa
COVID Tester - LA
Andrew Okezie Friday, COVID Tester for Angela Vassallo
Andrew Okezie Friday
Concierge Lead & COVID Tester - LA
Marisol Ruiz, COVID Tester for Angela Vassallo
Marisol Ruiz
COVID Tester - LA & Materials Management
Ahmad Watson - COVID Tester in Los Angeles for Angela Vassallo, Epidemiologist
Ahmad Watson
COVID Tester - LA


Isabel Marte, Lead COVID Tester - NY, Angela Vassallo, Epidemiology
Isabel Marte
Lead COVID Tester - NY
Erik Ander, COVID Tester - NY, Angela Vassallo, Epidemilogy
Erik Ander
COVID Tester - NY
Monica Salce, RN, Covid Tester in NY for Angela Vassallo
Monica Salce, RN
COVID Tester & Advisor - NY
Yuderka "Judy" Goris, New York Charge Nurse for Angela Vassallo
Yuderka "Judy" Goris
COVID Tester & Advisor

Rock Star Nurse

Gabrielle Vassallo, AV Epidemiology
Gabrielle Vassallo
COVID Tester - NY

Rock Star Nurse

Technical Team


Montrell Rucker, IT Manager for Angela Vassallo
Montrell Rucker
IT Manager

The Guy You Call When You Need to be Saved


Valerie Gonzalez, Assistant Database Manager for Angela Vassallo, Epidemiologist
Valerie Gonzalez
Database Manager


Marquita Washington - Compliance for Angela Vassallo, Epidemiologist
Marquita Washington
Lorena Lechuga, Payroll Manager, AV Epidemiology
Lorena Lechuga
Payroll Manager

Cleaning Team

Laura Hernandez
Cleaning Crew
Miguel Lopez
Cleaning Crew
Michael Montes Sr.
Cleaning Crew
Michael Montes Jr.
Cleaning Crew
Matthew Paez
Cleaning Crew
Jeffrey Smith
Cleaning Crew